The Way You Breathe Is The Way You Live

As you probably know, we all have the tendency to sub-ventilate.
We live our lives with so much mis-learning, limiting programming, mental conditioning, unresolved traumas, fear and stress, that we now have a shallow breathing, and we “live shallow lives”. 

This shows up as issues of all kinds – health issues, money issues, relationship issues, depression…

To be healthy, happy, prosperous, have good relationships, be wise and fully enjoy your life you need correct learning and wisdom, and engage and have feelings and emotions.

Apparently, it is “safer” to be less alive and more controlled than to allow yourself to be fully alive like your True Nature is, but deep inside you, there is a strong yearning for a more fulfilling, peaceful, loving and joyful life.

Have you heard the call for a “deeper”
and more expansive Life?

What you may not know is that your Breath, is not only the connection with ALL LIFE, but it also mirrors your own life, like a “reflection”. Unlimited Breath transforms your breathing pattern and this provides a different reflection for your life. This is a much easier way to change, than to confront your psychology.

Your Breath is Sacred and a very powerful tool for you to discover your True Nature and live an easier life. For sure when you open up your breath you open up your life!

You can grow from experiencing a survival-shallow life
to enjoying a thriving-deep life.

Can you “sense” the Sacredness and power of your Breath?

We are very happy and inspired to be able to offer you
The 10-Days Private Retreat
with Unlimited Breath and
Arne Rantzen and Doctor Monica,
here in Costa Rica or at Your Place.

*10 days dedicated to you and your life journey.
*10 days to highlight and let go of the “old”.
*10 days to discover your heart’s desires, goals and purpose.
*10 days to conceive, nurture and give birth to a NEW YOU.

The journey you can have with Unlimited Breath and us is very powerful, genuine, natural and truthful and incredibly healing on all levels, from physical, mental, emotional to spiritual.

This Private Retreat with us is not for everyone.
Working with the Breath and us will awaken you to know yourself.
If you want someone to fix you, without you Owning Your Life, this will not be for you.

This is for you if you are ready to OWN YOUR SELF, open up your Breath, release limiting conditioning, and activate Your Success Consciousness.

Your “10-Day Private Retreat” in Costa Rica, includes our expertise, experience and and our transformational tools – Natural Breathing and Creative Questions.

Arne Rantzen is a super master of “detecting” and “dismantling” the mental content that runs your limited life.

Doctor Monica is a master of emotions and on how to wake up through them.

Together, we have over 70 years experience of detecting and guiding you to release the cause of your physical, mental or emotional discomfort, regarding your life, relationships, work, health, financial or spiritual desires.

Imagine 10 days fully dedicated to you, your situation, your life, your awakening, and being supported by Arne Rantzen and/or Doctor Monica.

  • You will get the personal attention you deserve.
  • You will learn how your breathing patterns is a reflection of how you live and learn to breathe for Optimum Living.
  • You will exchange your sub-ventilation with full breathing, which is necessary for a healthy life.
  • You will open up to easy, fulfilling and graceful relationships, work, finances and creativity.

At the end of this 10-Days Unlimited Breath Private Retreat your breath will be open and full and so will you and your life.

Can you imagine yourself more open,
grounded, confident and successful
in all areas of your life?

After 10 Private Sessions Intensive with Arne Rantzen…


After 10 Private Sessions Intensive with Doctor Monica…. Ready to “Embody a new way of Being”?… 

10-Days Unlimited Breath PRIVATE Retreat, will support you with:

  • 1 Unlimited Breath Session every day for 10 days (around 3 hours per day).
  • Time to do homework.
  • Time to be quiet with yourself.
  • Time for your integration process.
  • Time to deepen in your discoveries through journaling.
  • Time to walk in nature.
  • Beach time.

Price $3,500 (If you choose to work with only one of us $2,500)

Travel, lodging and food is not included and will be arranged depending on your needs.

If you are local and live near us, Osa Mountain, Cortes, Costa Rica, you can have one session per week, during a period of 10 weeks. You will have to reserve around 3 hours of work plus some time for yourself, without any busy commitment after the session, so you can integrate your inner work.

Arne Rantzen and Doctor Monica Garaycoechea are the greatest team of healers in the world, period. They were able to connect me with God and my Higher SELF, and all of my pain, physical (from being run over by a tractor at age 7) and emotional (from feeling fundamentally flawed and scarred) was dissolved from the inside out by Unconditional Love, Compassion, and Pure Intention to make space for a new healthy way of feeling. I refrained from sharing this before because I really couldn’t comprehend that this healing is permanent. The lessons learned are huge, and the joy in being almost completely free of pain medications for the first time in 30 years is indescribable. Every morsel of food tastes better, every sound I hear is more crisp and delicious, every sky I see is brighter, each tree is greener, and every piano key I touch feels more responsive. It’s going to take me a while to settle into this high vibration of positive pure God/source energy, but I am so willing and so eager to live in this new body with this new mindset, and with my beautiful daughter who has been beside me in this journey. Thank you Dr Monica for telling me to trust Arne. He is the best of the best and so are you!!!

– Bonnie TeVelde from California

If you “resonate” with this private and powerful support, please contact us for an interview, to make sure that your moment and needs, fit with this powerful journey.

We have also had some clients with important physical issues, that choose to have 1 Unlimited Breath Session in the morning and 1 Unlimited Body Session in the afternoon. So depending of your moment we can see what is the best for you.

Looking forward to welcome and support the unfoldment of your magnificence!

In Service and Gratitude
LOVE, Monica and Arne