Healing Journey to Costa Rica in 2017

Have you been thinking about joining Arne and Jon for the Healing Journey to Costa Rica? If so, it’s time to register, if you haven’t done so already.

If you haven’t thought about it, what’s holding you back? Money? A stunted sense of adventure? Fear that you can’t handle the long flight to one of the few untouched locations on the planet? Or maybe, you’re secretly afraid that you’d find the trip too challenging physically?

In the run-up to my trip to Costa Rica, I suffered all of these doubts and then some. I didn’t really know what to expect – so I made up a story out of my worries. You should go ahead and suffer your doubts too if you must – but go on the trip anyway. The Healing Journey to Costa Rica is an experience of a lifetime and much richer than your average junket. The journey is really a 2-week workshop with personal growth, adventure and a global educational experience all rolled in.

My marketing pitch isn’t going to cut it you say? You need more than that before you’re going to sign on the dotted line? Okay, here are some specifics – seven good reasons that you should to jointhe Healing Journey to Costa Rica:

  1. Let’s start with everyone’s favorite worry – money. Once you’ve written the check and boarded the plane, my bet is that you’ll never think about the money again. Granted this Healing Journey to Costa Rica is not a cheap one, but the experience and even the photos you’ll take are priceless. I look at my photos now and am amazed that I had the chance to do such an awe-inspiring trip. I never thought twice about the investment I made to go. Save your tax return, sock some money away each month, ask that birthday and holiday gifts become money towards your trip. It’s worth it.
  2. Physically, you can handle it. Despite the fact that I went on the trip with a giant Ziploc bag full of various pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter remedies, the only thing I ever used was suntan lotion. You will definitely get a sun tan, but if you plan and put on your sun screen when you go to the beach – do what the leaders do – you will feel great all the way through. No one I know have gotten ill there.
  3. It’s boot camp for living in the moment. If you’ve been aspiring to live more in the moment, but find it difficult to do so in your daily life, traveling to Costa Rica will boost your efforts. You will find yourself very busy, soaking in the alive world around you, in a completely foreign environment. Because of these circumstances, you will find yourself living in the moment and, as a result, finally get a taste of what it’s like to be fully alive. The Pura Vida attitude of Costa Rica, leaves you amazed at what’s going to happen next. For example, before going, I never could have imagined through the jungle or flying through the gigantic tree tops, Having monkeys outside my window, or doing an Unlimited Breath session under the surface of the Pacific Ocean.
  4. Your friends will think your’e cool. Going to Costa Rica will make you cool – and not just because it may snow while you’re there. Few people travel as far as Costa Rica and folks will admire your pluck and good fortune for going. Even before you go, you will find people to be amazingly supportive and excited about your upcoming journey.
  5. Don’t wait to go to Costa Rica! Costa Rica is a unique country, where nature is protected by the government. Rare fauna, animals and sea-life is all around you..
  6. Personal attendants and chefs are included. You will be well taken care of by your hosts and teachers Arne, Jon, Monica. On our Healing Journey, all of our our essential needs were anticipated and arrangements were taken care of, even when the unexpected happened. 
  7. You will also be well fed. The food in our luxury jungle resort was better than I imagined. We had delicious 3 meals a day and it was healthy and organic too.

Sometimes, groupthink is a good thing. So, you say you have a wild independent streak and you can’t see traveling with a group? You should rethink that – at least for this trip. The first reason is that you will find that your traveling companions are inevitably cool people. Dull, unimaginative people do not sign-up for a 14-day Healing Journey to Costa Rica. Rather, those who do are creative, courageous and committed to their own growth and learning. Yes, they will get on your nerves once in a while, but more importantly you will quickly become a makeshift family sharing one a great adventure.

I hope these reasons are enough for you prompt you to give the Healing Journey to Costa Rica some serious thought thought and spur you to sign-up.

The greatest gift I received from going on this journey is a greater sense of what I’m capable of. I found the trip to be much easier than all of my pre-trip fears portended. Once you travel to Costa Rica and back, other travel and adventures will seem much more doable. After all, Costa Rica is a mere 10 hours away.

Can’t you see yourself in Costa Rica already, standing on the steps of the jungle? It’s just one bold manifestation away.

If you do go, here’s a last bit of practical advice – bring a bathing-suit and sunscreen! You could definitely need both. Bon Voyage!