What Does an Unlimited Breathâ„¢
Session look like?

Starting with private sessions is the best way to get the most out of your Unlimited Breath Healing Journey.

This is truly a chance to uproot old destructive and limiting mis-programming, change and improve your life, awaken to more consciousness, while being nurtured in a safe, gentle and uplifting environment.

With the support and guidance of an Unlimited Breath practitioner you can address physical health issues, struggle with success and financial well being, conflict and power-struggle relationships, and searching for a Meaningful Life.

The Unlimited Breath 10 Session Series is excellent for those who are ready to change their lives and those who find themselves in the midst of change and want to embrace and enjoy it.

Unlimited Breath sessions begin with a consultation with your Unlimited Breath Practitioner, where your practitioner will explore with you what you want to accomplish and educate and support you in accomplishing your desired results.

Then you are ready for the breathing section of the session that lasts around an hour. During this time you will lay down fully clothed, except for your shoes, on a comfortable pad or healing table to be coached through your Natural Breathing Cycle.

After completing your Breathing Cycle, you and your practitioner will talk about your experiences and identify the insights you have achieved and what you take home from this session.

Before you go your practitioner gives you some supportive homework to practice for your next session.

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