– Monthly Breathing Ceremony –
Costa Rica

Paying It Forward. Free Gift to our Conscious Community!

New and Seasoned Breathers are Welcome!

Every Last Tuesday of the Month,
Unlimited Breath is offering Free Breathing Ceremonies.

These events tend to max out, so register early. If it is full and you have not registered yet, but would like to or have friends that would like to, contact us, so we can put you on the waiting-list.

What Can You Expect?
* A Unique Experience!
* A Life-Changing Aha!
* Cleansing your Physical Body!
* Connecting with Your True Self!

The Trainers will teach you how to do Natural Breathing and what to expect in your session, (takes about 2 hours). The Natural Breathing Session itself (takes around 2 hours). The Breathing Ceremony ends with the Breathers sharing their experience and getting further support (takes around 1 hour).

What is it?
Complete explanation on: http://UnlimitedBreath.com/Natural-Breathing-Notes but, of course, an explanation can never match the actual experience.


Every Last Tuesday of the Month.
Next: February 27th, 2018.

What time?
From 12 NOON to 5 pm.
Sorry, No Pura Vida time, because you won’t know what to do.

– near the Information Center, on the main street.

Who are your Trainers?
Arne Rantzen, the Founder of Unlimited Breath, has been practicing and teaching Rebirthing and Unlimited Breath since 1984.

Doctor Monica has been practicing and teaching Rebirthing and Unlimited Breath for over 25 years.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a Yoga Mat, if you have one.

Donations are welcome to offset the costs, if you can afford it.

For more information contact us:
Email: ARNE@UnlimitedBreath.com or
Call Arne at: 8311-1221

Para ESPANOL LLAMA Doctor Monica: 8571-1390


We are looking forward to share this Sacred Breathing Ceremony with you, to support your evolution and connection to your True Nature. In Service and Gratitude! Arne and Monica

Agreement and Conditions for Attendance The Unlimited Breath Trainers Reserves the Right to refuse the attendance of any person, with or without reason.


The Breathing Ceremony is an introduction to the POWER OF NATURAL BREATHING. Natural Breathing will teach you how to surrender to your TRUE SELF, which obviously is important and will certainly provide a powerful experience for you. Unfortunately, we have some sub-conscious programs that runs us and shows up as issues and dis-ease. For you who want to reverse those symptoms permanently, improve your life, and/or have a spiritual hunger, you need to permanently uproot this sub-conscious material, which Natural Breathing can do. But, it requires a personal dedicated support to fine tune your Natural Breathing, guidance to find these sub-conscious programs and the safety required to reverse them. For more about this Go To: http://UnlimitedBreath.com/Sessions or contact us directly.


Share the Breathing Ceremony with Your Friends, so Our Community Can Grow More In Consciousness!