For Patrick Weseman – The Healing Arts
From Alex Bernier, President, RealEyes Displays LLC

I am writing this testimonial on my own accord for the work of Patrick Weseman – Unlimited Breath practitioner.

I have dabbled in meditation for most of my life as a means of reducing stress and staying focused. When I started RealEyes Displays in 2010, I realized very quickly that owning a business brings many challenges that greatly increase stress levels. I needed to find a more effective, structured way to remain focused.

I met Patrick through BNI (Business Networking International) and was intrigued by his knowledge and many years of experience. Patrick truly helped guide me on a structured methodology to integrate meditation, yoga, and Breathwork into my daily life. I instantly felt the effects of greater focus, stress relief, and mental well-being.

I started Patricks’ Breathwork program around March 2011. It was an experience that changed my life. Breathwork allowed me to take major steps to becoming the person I want to be: stress-free, fearless, focused, and more joyful. I believed in the program because it made sense: first identify the changes and barriers in your life and how to overcome them. Then use Breathwork to solidify those changes internally.

I wanted to see tangible results of this program. I remembered that before I went to Patrick, I had visited a chiropractor for back pain. They had taken a Heart Rate Variability scan, which identifies your nervous system’s reaction to stress. After I finished the Breathwork program, I went back to my chiropractor to take the test again. (Note: Between scans, I only had two chiropractic adjustments in January after the first scan. I had done little exercise, and used only Breathwork and Meditation for stress relief)

Results are below. The vertical axis is an overall score of how healthy my nervous system is. The horizontal axis labels my nervous system as more sympathetic or parasympathetic. The vertical movement means that the overall effectiveness of my nervous system increased by almost 14 points (almost 20%). Regarding the horizontal movement, I was told that engaging the sympathetic system tends to be normal for business owners because they are consistenly engaged in activities that raise the heart rate throughout the day.

I cannot thank Patrick enough for the work he did with me. He was extremely easy to work with and I trust him and his methods. I would highly recommend anyone to learn from such a great human being.