“I have been doing weekly 2-hour Unlimited Breath™ sessions with an Unlimited Breath™ Practitioner. I describe this as a healing and awareness practice that also includes body-trauma-release. I personally recommend this — I’ve had the most incredible results from this work. I’ve learned through personal experience with this work how trauma from my past became embedded in my physical body and that Unlimited Breath™ can shake loose and release the trauma, freeing me from it. I have personally experienced how self-punishing conversations have been rooted in my unconscious and then into my body itself. I had one mind-blowing experience where one of my conversations came unstuck from my physicality and I felt it rising into my unconscious and then into my consciousness where I became aware of what it was saying and expelled it. The work has also been of great help to me in my fight to give up certain old habits by increasing the level of my mindfulness of my need to feed them. I can now – sometimes — get to the point of watching and simply acknowledging my need instead of acting it out in its thrall.” – Jeremy Richman, Real Estate Agent