Sub-ventilating is a protection – It is our SECURITY SYSTEM:
This Security System is the body’s attempt to homeostasis – the way to make sure we stay the same, because (the Security System reasons) this sameness is keeping us alive and any change ‘could’ endanger our life.

But, in fact, this Security System is slowly killing us, because it leaves us with a minimum of oxygen, which is growing ground for many dis-eases and leaves us tired, lazy and a lack of passion.

The job of the Security System is to make sure that the amount of energy you add through inhaling will never exceed the amount of effort and energy you use up.

When you relax, like meditating or getting relaxing bodywork, your breathing slows down. If you exert yourself, like jogging or thinking a lot, your breathing speeds up. The Security System is constantly monitoring how much energy you are using up and then adjust how much breathing you are ‘allowed’ to take in.

Once we realize the benefits of breaking this Security System, we will try to retain more than energy than we use up. That is what is happening with some meditation systems. It is also what happens when we do Natural Breathing.

If we break this Security System, we will retain more energy than we use up, and end up with an excess of energy and that energy must go somewhere. This energy will go to places in our body and our mind and enliven those areas. It will go to and remove blocks in our “energy body” and uproot any sub-conscious blocks – leaving us more healthy and alive.

OUR JOB IS TO BREAK THIS SECURITY SYSTEM and retain more “energy”.
There are 2 ways to do that:
• We take in more energy by breathing more than we are inclined to.
• We use up less energy by moving and thinking less than we are inclined to.

Letting go of sub-ventilating improves your whole life!
Natural Breathing is essential to a vibrant life and to live life to your full potential.