Just Breathe!

By Terry Davis

Breathing is a passion of mine! Really! Everyone who knows me knows I love breathing and love talking about it. I experience joy when I breathe consciously, on purpose.

I talk about it at work, at play, during social gatherings with people I know, and with people I don’t know. It’s just one of the rare, simple gifts in life. And it may very well be one of the only things we can do where we don’t have to worry about moderation. I mean, have you ever heard of anyone dying from breathing too much, thrown in jail or going insane from breathing too much? I mean, it’s a truly inspirational activity that’s legal, healthful, rejuvenating, has no calories, is incredibly easy, and it is always available (i.e., your lungs are with you at all times!). In fact, I did a mini breathing session before writing this article, to make it easier to write.

Webster’s English Dictionary also reminds us spiritually-minded, spirit-seeking people that the breath and the spirit are indelibly linked. The word “spirit” comes from a Latin word, “spirate”, which means, “to breathe”. The first definition for spirit given in this dictionary is, “breath of life; life, or the life principle, conceived as a kind of breath animating the body, mediating between body & soul”. Further, the word “oxygen”, that which is delivered into the body during a breath, comes from two Greek terms, “oxys” and “gignestha”, the latter which means to be born.  So next time someone tells you to “go get a life”, tell them, “I am, I’m breathing”.

And when it comes to breathing as a conversational topic, the subject of breath fits in almost anywhere. For instance, if I’m talking with someone interested in math, I inform them that every breath takes in 10 to the 22nd power (the number 10 multiplied by itself 22 times) atoms of the universe! Man, that’s a lot of universe! If I’m talking to someone interested in spirituality, I tell them that in my breathing sessions, I have had profoundly inspirational close encounters of the angel and God kind!

If I’m talking to someone interested in anatomy, I tell them that oxygen is the prime detoxifier of the human body; and in fact, around 70% of all toxins leave the body through the breath.  When I talk with people who are over-worked and stressed out (these people are not hard to find!), I tell them that taking in more oxygen not only efficiently remove the toxins created by stress, but also allows muscles to relax, and the relentless thought stream in the mind to clear.

If I’m talking to someone interested in weight loss, I inform them that oxygen helps burn fat. If I talk to someone interested in athletics, I tell them that purposeful breathing sessions which practice taking large circular breaths can increase the overall oxygenation capacity of the body – something most Olympians strive to accomplish. 

If someone is interested in keeping their mental faculties sharp, I share with them that studies have found that healthy lung capacity (a positive consequence of a good breathing discipline) is inversely related to Alzheimer’s Disease. Now I could go on and on, and in real life, I do. Talking about breath is a multi-faceted, flexible subject matter that fits nicely into almost any social situation.

Unlimited Breath™ has helped me become more aware of who I am, has assisted me to heal and release a lot of old anger and grief issues, has increased my overall life happiness and satisfaction, and has allowed me to be a more mindful and spiritual person.  Breathing has greatly assisted me through the emotional devastation I experienced in my divorce.  I have healed my lungs fully from the pneumonia I had as a child. “Shadows or scar-tissue”, which are considered to be permanent, were not present on my last x-ray and checkup.  I have also cleared up chronic headache and neck problems. I love to write poetry and breathing has helped me to become a better poet and writer. And, maybe the most important benefit of all, I am a much better father because I breathe.  Anyone who knows me, knows how important being a good father is to me.  I’m a better father because of using Unlimited Breath™ to heal myself.  I have also been able to share this work with my family. I had my stepson do this kind of breathing when he got home from school, to release the day’s indignities and social stress, so he could achieve a more respectful relationship within our family. I have taught my daughters to use this breath technique so that they can clear their minds, release their restlessness, and go to sleep more easily at night. Now, I could go on and on here too, and in real life I will.

I have also witnessed the benefits of Unlimited Breath™ in others lives. I had one client who believed he reduced his insulin dependency 40%, and released ulcerative colitis, in a set of ten Unlimited Breath™ sessions. I know of another man who had been on 5-7 medications for over thirty years. After the set of ten Unlimited Breath™ sessions, and the homework that went with them, his doctor agreed he no longer needed his medications except for his inhaler, which he used only occasionally (allergy to cats!). I knew another man who averaged 2-4 migraine headaches a week for years.  After doing a series of Unlimited Breath™ sessions, he believed he healed his relationship with his son from whom he had been estranged for 12 years.  He also has only 1 to 2 migraines a year now, and he knows how to use Unlimited Breath™ techniques to get rid of the ones he does get.

When I talk with others about breathing, one of the most frequent questions is about the differences between existing breathing techniques (you see, by this time, my in-depth and passionate animation around the subject of breathing leaves them ‘panting’ for more information).  I do, in all fairness, share that there are several different types of breathing techniques that have been developed throughout the ages, and all of them will have some benefit. The point is, just breathe!   Breathing is always better than not, but for me; Unlimited Breath™ is the way to go.

I choose Unlimited Breath™ because it matches our natural breathing. We were designed to breathe as part of our holistic self-healing system.  It is not by accident that deep, circular breathing (as with Unlimited Breath™) shows up in some rather auspicious and important activities in our lives; i.e., during physical work and athletic activity, during sex, birthing (LeMaas), and after acute episodes of emotional experiences. This serious, deep cleaning system is built right into the body.  The pattern of breathing in Unlimited Breath™ also mirrors one of the most prevalent and sacred patterns in the universe … yin and yang.

The art and science of breathing create the ability to have more experience, more exhilaration, and more excitement. So, if you want to have a better life, better relationships and a healthier body…just breathe already!

This is Terry, your humble narrator and breathing master, over and out…or rather, inhaling and exhaling!