What Happened to me
during my Unlimited Breath™ 10-Session Series

I am doing the Unlimited Breath 10-Session Series again because, I want a boost on my evolution journey, as I keep expanding into a healthier, better and awake me.

This time I want to share it here, for anyone who wants to know what it can be like to go through the Unlimited Breath Healing Journey.

Of course, the topics and progression will be unique to you, so this is just meant as an inspiration to go for it.

I am lucky to have Doctor Monica as my practitioner, with her many years of experience and special angle to connect me more with my Source and True Self.

Session #1
Doctor Monica started me off with identifying “what I want to accomplish with this 10-Session Series”.
I narrowed it down to 1 focus that will definitely make it worthwhile. My Goal is to have my mortgage on Casa Milagro paid off completely. I also know that many other things will change, but I know it is good to have 1 focus.

Then, Doctor Monica had me investigate how much I felt on track with trusting Source to take care of this and I noticed that I didn’t completely, by the proof of feeling pressured, fear and that I have to step in to “help”.

Doctor Monica helped me realize that my “need to pay off the mortgage” comes from fear that I think I will hurt people, if I don’t accomplish this. I do know that any such thoughts is what actually blocks reaching my goal, so I do want to free that fear.

Then, the Breathing Section. I have always had a little worry in the beginning of the sessions, wondering if I can do good Natural Breathing. I did find an excitement though, that I would tap in to some beautiful experiences.

So, off I went with strong breathing. Doctor Monica guided me to be less “pushy” on my inhales. My body filled up with buzzing tingling energy. My hands and arms got Tetany. That was an indication to me that I was above the Breathing Threshold and into new territory. My arms lifted up and ended up above my head. It felt like if I didn’t allow this movement I would have to tense up, which I didn’t want. I felt I was floating. I went to a total bliss state and felt amazed and grateful for being alive.

Then I noticed that I started to follow thoughts. My thinking process tried to fool me and said “don’t follow those thoughts”. I laughed at how the mind masquerades as a helper. I was still thinking. I can’t think myself out of thinking. So, I simply went back to experiencing. No discussion.

And then 70 minutes had passed.

I did get stuck in the idea that I wanted to go to the beach, and the completion got hurried.

Doctor Monica gave me my homework: “How can I pay off my mortgage with Ease, Trust and Presence?”

In retrospect I completed too quickly, so I am aware of that for the next session.

I also want to try a session where I don’t allow my arms to move, even if that feels harder, if Doctor Monica thinks that is a good idea.

Session #2
My 2nd Unlimited Breath session with Doctor Monica was awesome.
We checked in on my goal. Since last session I have posted our house for sale on Craig’s List and EBay and have had 5 inquiries. Even though no finalizing yet. Energy is moving.

I still notice a bit of needing to do something to get this done, so I still have a little doubt and don’t trust that I am totally supported.

Doctor Monica pointed out that I base my life on pleasing others, instead of coming from that I have the right to get what I want, knowing that I create my life.

This session I got to do my breathing in our new Hottub. It was easy to surrender and float. I was under water (with snorkel) and breathed for 55 minutes. I was full of energy, tingling and some Tetany.

Then I completed outside the Hot tub for another 25 minutes.  
During this time I went in to suspended breathing several times, which means that I let go of being in control, allowing energy/spirit to free some Subconscious Incomplete Experiences. When I returned back into being present in my body, I felt welcomed. It felt like a new birth experience.

Again, I got up too quickly, still feeling like a baby, not knowing what to do.

Homework Creative Questions:
“Why am I the Source of my own world-experience?”

“Who gives me the right to be here?”
“Who gives me my value?”

(I know about the timing etc, because Doctor Monica gave me the information of what she had observed about the session from the outside.)


Session #3
I had My 3rd Unlimited Breath session on New Years Eve – Turned out to be Letting Go of the past –

Goal Progress: I feel a deeper level of Trust with our mortgage holder and they with us, through trying out a new payment process. We just paid off a 16th portion of our mortgage.
We have progress.

Then, Doctor Monica brought up a repeating experience I have in my life of feeling pushed / attacked, leaving me angry and scared. I believe that if I let others dictate my life I will be in danger and die. Until now I have succumbed to this or taken control. Neither have resolved my issue.

Like, if I don’t take charge of doing something to pay our mortgage, it will be a disaster.

Doctor Monica reminds me that this unresolved fear energy needs to be accepted, so it can be freed – That way I can be free and let in more Life-force support.

From my last session, I remembered that I wanted to stay more present, so as I entered the 104 degree Fahrenheit Hottub, I focused on experiencing all of me.

The water was hot and I breathed under water for 30 minutes. Sometimes Doctor Monica asked if I was fully present, and I was. Then, I was feeling I had enough time under water and sat up. My body was full with energy and Tetany.

Doctor monica helped me out of the water to complete in the dry.

After 40 minutes I started to feel tight around my neck and I got scared. Thanks to Doctor Monica saying “this is a memory leaving”, I could continue my focus and remain with this experience.

I had the cord around my neck when I was born and have had a suffocating experience all my life. So, now, I am really happy to have let go more of this part of my history.

My homework is to contemplate:

“How am I fully present for myself?”
“Why can I Trust?”

“How do I feel when I feel Safe?”

I need to be especially aware of if any “Attack-Fear” experience shows up.

Write a Forgiveness / Love letter to myself.


Session #4

My 4th Unlimited Breath session
Walking the Talk. Not only do I get a lot out of these sessions myself, but I also have first-hand experience of what my clients are experiencing in their sessions.

Goal Progress: This week we have had more people inquire about the house. E-Bay footed me a bill for putting the villa for sale on E-Bay. I thought they only charged when you sell. I am obviously having some opposition showing up.

It becomes clear that I am not clear about my price. I have a the price, but then my mis-programming of feeling guilty and not deserving shows up, which actually follows my usual stuckness of believing that I don’t have the right to be here, so I have to “earn the right to exist”.

Again I breathed in Hot water. I breathed well for 25 minutes, but then I felt uneasy and choose to get out. I continued to breathe outside the water and started to go unaware. Doctor Monica agreed that I could sit up to remain present.

Why is it right for me to ask $99k for our house?
How do I feel when I am an inspiration?
How do I feel when I am grateful?


Session #5.
My 5th Unlimited Breath was one of the most valuable things I have ever received in my life.

Many shifts has happened this week. I have noticed several situations, where I usually give up on what I want, for what someone else want (leaving me resentful). But this week, I noticed myself spontaneously asking for what I want. I felt rushes of fear, that “I shouldn’t put myself first”, but knew that allowing these fears was good for me.

When I want something, I usually encounter opposition and back off or get into a fight. I even remember this in my childhood and I know it from pregnancy, with having picked a mother that was 15. I have believed the idea that “I did something wrong”.

Today, when I was doing the breathing section, I got into a physical sensation of experiencing the cord around my neck. For the first time, I was able, with Doctor Monica’s support, to stay with it and allow that sensation to be. It took a lot of focus to accept and not squirm away from it.

But I did it. I was able to experience the sensation that I have been running from all my life. (I have never worn a tie etc.) I felt I recovered a huge part of myself. I was able to tolerate this sensation around my neck. I don’t know if it will continue to need to be accepted throughout my whole body or not. But I took a huge step forward. I am grateful and proud of myself.

And now, while writing this, it looks like it wasn’t a big deal. But to surrender and trust this sensation (that I feared would be equal to re-experiencing death) needed a real understanding of the release process, intense focus and trust.

This has been a underlying topic, that I have been working on my whole life. So, releasing this huge resistance is a great celebration for me.

How do I feel when I am fully present for myself?