My Awesome Unlimited Breath Session!

By Jodee Wine

I knew, right away the power of this breathwork. However, as much as I wanted it I also dreaded it. Dipping into my subconscious with no control over what would surface was unpredictable and scary. Yet this is where I can discover deeper understanding and knowing about myself and I wanted that. Most every breath session has been a story, by itself worth telling, but I really want to share one of my Unlimited Breathâ„¢ sessions from January.

My only goal for this breath session was to stay with “me” reflected through my breath as it waxed and waned. I focused on my inhale with each breath “I choose life”. I tried to leave a lot but within a faded breath or two I would catch myself at the door and pull myself back through – another conscious choice to choose life and take a deep inhale.

THAT was my only goal and it had my complete focus. It wasn’t easy and I needed the support Monica gave me to succeed. Finally, she indicated that 50 minutes had passed and yet it felt like it had only been 5 -10 minutes.

As my brain released the focus on the inhale and relaxed, I found that my breath had taken on a life of its own and I was along for the ride. I relaxed and enjoyed its rhythm.

My expectation was that it would slow itself in a few minutes so I relaxed into the rhythm of my own body breathing.

Suddenly I felt my whole body begin to tremor with a fine vibration that filled every cell to my depths. I lost the sense of the shape of my body as something from within began to move to my mind’s eye out in front of me. It felt like my cells exploded into a cosmic light show. The colors and shapes and movements were brilliant and vibrant, reaching deep into the universe, with fluid yet defined shapes and movement.

It was stunning…..stunning. And there, in all this magnificence lay cradled the profile of a beautiful, perfect, new, baby being – ME!

I was looking at my spirit, my soul, my essence. And, all the color, shape, and movement. It was beautiful.

I left with feeling my truth stronger than ever:
I Jodee am lovable!