Why do a Natural Breathing Session?

Letting Go of Sub-Ventilating improves your whole life!
Breathing fully is essential to living a vibrant life and to live up to your full potential, in the same way as good driving skills are necessary to keep your car functioning well and drive smoothly.

If your car consumes too much fuel, and the brakes needs replacement, you will take it to your car mechanic to be fixed.

In the same way, you will seek the help of your Breath Practitioner, when you have too many problems or you want to live a more meaningful life.

If your car breaks down too often, you will ask your car mechanic why. To find out, your car mechanic then takes it for a test drive, but finds that it drives well. So, he asks you to test drive it with him. As you start driving, your professional helper immediately notices the problem. You have not let go of the emergency brake. Driving with your emergency brake on increases fuel consumption and quickly wears down your brakes. When you let it go, your car leaps forwards, goes faster, uses less gas, and needs fewer repairs.

This is similar to the symptoms of sub-ventilating and the experience you will have when you open up your breathing. First, the experience will surprise you. But then, it becomes exciting to be fully engaged with your life. Soon, you also notice that your general health is improving and your successes are showing up.

Unlimited Breath shows you how to let go of the brake you have on your Natural Breathing, uncapping the fountain of your Life-Force to flow, so you can enjoy the ride of your life.

Natural Breathing exerts its greatest effect through four processes:

  • The adding of Life-Force through Natural Breathing and awareness connects you with living “On Purpose”.
  • The rate at which the body builds and maintains healthy tissue is fueled by super oxygenation.
  • The elimination of toxins, from the body, is best done through breathing, since 70% of the waste toxins are eliminated through breathing.
  • Natural Breathing raises the blood’s alkaline level, a result sought by many health disciplines.

Unlimited Breath works holistically:

  • Spiritually you deepen your sense of divinity, expand your sense of well-being, and clarify your sense of purpose. A feeling of passion, peace and tranquility is achieved.
  • Physically, you dissolve cellular blocks and let go of numbness, stress, and strain. You feel safe in your body and increased love for it.
  • Emotionally, you will uproot Incomplete Experiences, relax, accept, and feel safe with your feelings. You release suppressed feelings from the past, without drama or trauma. Then, you experience an increase of love and passion.
  • Mentally, you will correct Mis-learned Programming, become aware of and change negative attitudes so you can have more positive experiences and true understanding.

Normally we are Sub-ventilating because:

  • We were traumatized during our first breath.
  • We have mis-learned how we are supposed to breathe and what Natural Breathing is.
  • We resist certain experiences.

Sub-ventilating leaves us prone to dis-ease and lack of passion.
When we free our breathing we get back to the way we are built to breathe.

We call this Natural Breathing – because this type of breathing happens to us when we let go of controlling our breathing.

You can notice that your breathing changes to Natural Breathing when you yawn, sigh, fall asleep, during physical exertion, when you allow emotions, and when you laugh.

But there is the BREATHING SECURITY SYSTEM – It thinks it is protecting us, but long term is a destruction.

The Breathing Security System is here to make sure you don’t RETAIN ANY SOURCE ENERGY, because if you do, you will change and expand:

  • It monitors how much energy we “use up” and then “Allows” us to take in an equal amount of energy.
  • It monitors how much we “take in” and then “Forces” an equal “using up of energy”.

Your job is to BREAK the Breathing Security System, i.e. inhale more and use up less energy, leaving you retaining more energy:

  • This will uproot any sub-conscious blocks.
  • This opens up the space for you to experience your True Self.

The way to break the Breathing Security System is to do Natural Breathing, which means to do “The 5 BREATHING BASICS”.

How do you do Natural Breathing?

The Five Breathing Basics:
We explain these in detail in the Unlimited Breath Ceremony.

All of the 5 Breathing Basics needs to be present for you to have a full Natural Breathing experience.

Normally the Security System will sabotage Natural Breathing by making sure we miss at least one of the 5 Breathing Basics.

When you do a Natural Breathing Session, all you have to do, is to focus on the 5 Breathing Basics. This will give you the optimum results.

  1. Be Aware
  2. Breathe into Your Chest
  3. Breathe Fully
  4. Breathe Continuously
  5. Surrender.

You can do the 5 Breathing Basics as a “full session” – 1.5 hours or as a 1 minute “Breathing Snack”.

When you do Natural Breathing you will have strong experiences and the tendency is to label some of those experiences as unwanted.

Believing your labels causes you to avoid Natural Breathing and sabotaging your progress.

How do you know if an experience is good or bad and if you should accept it or try to get rid of it?

If you “experience less”, then you are moving towards death – not good.

If you “experience more”, then you are moving towards more life – good.

Since these experiences are new and unknown, you can’t trust your labeling. The only TRUE TEST to see if your Natural Breathing is beneficial or not is to evaluate whether you are experiencing less or more. You want to keep more.

What Can You Expect to Experience?


  • You may feel lightheaded or foggy.
  • You may feel temperature shifts.
  • Some people get dry lips in the beginning of a session.
  • If you happen to cough or swallow, complete it without judging it and when finished go back to Natural Breathing.
  • You experience a heightened sensation of a physical area, such as tingling.
  • You may feel numb.
  • You may get Tetany (This is not from hyperventilation).


  • If you feel emotions, accept this blessing.
  • Expressing emotions is not actually feeling the emotion.
  • Freedom of negativity and resentment with an increased feeling of gratitude.
  • A deep sense of self-acceptance and well-being.


  • Seeing visions, images, and colors.
  • Having insights and inspirations or receiving answers to questions you have had for a long time.

What to do with your experiences?

The Natural Breathing session amplifies the experience of Your Current Life as a CONSCIOUS Experience, unlike hypnosis.

Any of your experiences will cease within moments of noticing them, if you don’t do anything with them and instead stay with your actual experience and continue Natural Breathing. Let Go!

Whatever you become aware of is already transforming. Let It Be!

  • Surrender and allow your experiences.
  • Experience them in detail.
  • Think your experiences are “interesting”.

Here is a metaphor of how to effectively drive down the highway of your life:
Just as you can use your car to travel to new destinations, you can use your breath as a vehicle for improving your life. The steering of your commitment steers you on your journey. The ability to drive anywhere you want, was once your freedom, and this is again your final destination. Now your life is partly limited to the narrow roads of your limited breathing and incomplete experiences, taking you to your local, known destinations.

When you let go of your emergency brake and speed up your breathing you get to enjoy cruising on beautiful roads, to new and exciting destinations. On your adventurous journey you will pass by billboards. You can easily reach new destinations just by observing them as they pass by your consciousness and disappear into your past.

You may notice your limited subconscious and conscious billboards from the corner of your perception, but just as you can’t engage in limited breathing while living a healthy life and you can’t focus on the billboards and have smooth driving at the same time, you need to be aware of your breathing and focus on your driving.

If you get fascinated with one of your billboards and its story, you will slow down or park your Healing Journey for a while. You will sooner or later continue on your Healing Journey and leave the billboards of limited breathing and thinking behind you. Sooner is better, easier and more fun.

The more you accept and allow, the faster you move on down the highway, the freer you are to live a limitless life. The effective way of improving your life is to NOTICE, ACCEPT and KEEP GOING.

Logistics for an Effective Natural Breathing Session

  • Go to the restroom before (your kidneys work more effectively through Natural Breathing).
  • Lie down in a relaxed position.
  • Don’t cross your arms or legs.
  • Keep your head and neck straight and relaxed.
  • Avoid using pillows because they constrict your neck and back.
  • Don’t turn your head to the side. It is sleep-inducing.
  • Let the air flow freely in and out through your mouth and throat, without making any sound.

The time it takes to do a Natural Breathing session is around an hour. Then add about 30 minutes of integration.

Should you try out sessions on your own?

Don’t do Natural Breathing Sessions on your own, until you have done the Unlimited Breath Ten Session Series, with a practitioner, because:

  • You will not be able to discern if you are actually doing Natural Breathing and you won’t know how to guide yourself, nor will you feel safe enough to surrender to new territory.
  • When you do Natural Breathing and manage to get in to new territory, the first time, you need to have someone present, who has already had this experience, for you to be able to comfortably surrender. If you are on your own, when you have a new powerful experience, it will be too shocking to surrender to, so you will struggle and have an uncomfortable experience. Give yourself the gift of an easy opening.


In-Depth information can be found in the Unlimited Breath Manual

The 1st Leg of Unlimited Breath is learning Natural Breathing.
The 2nd Leg of Unlimited Breath is Mastering Your Mind through
the Creative Questions Approach!