Having been a breath practitioner for over 30 years, I have been researching “The Right Way to Breathe”.

Of course, there are many ways to breathe and many intentions to use breathwork and they always produce results, because breathing is so powerful.

The intention with Unlimited Breath is to recognize our True Self, which includes connecting with well-being, fulfillment, happiness and abundance. This journey, also automatically reverses any conscious mis-learning and uproot any sub-conscious material.

What is the Right Way to Breathe to access the power of the breath?

There are many theories and explanations, but it seems to me that they are based on that we are created with a faulty Breathing System that the mind can fix, so it can do a better job.

How do we know what is true Natural Breathing?
Watching how we actually breathe, when we ‘stop holding our breath’ and ‘get out of the way’, might give us a clue. This happens when we sigh, yawn, have emotions, laugh, jog, fall asleep, etc. THE BREATHING CHANGES BY ITSELF to NATURAL BREATHING.

It stands to reason, that these changes in the way we breath, when we get off guard, indicates what our breathing really wants to do, when it is free.

But, The Breathing Security System is making sure that we are NOT RETAINING more Source Energy then we are using up, because that would cause change and that might not be safe, according to the Breathing Security System.

So, The Breathing Security System monitors:

  • How much Source Energy we “use up” (by physical and mental movement) and then “ALLOWS” us to take in an equal amount, through awareness and breathing.
  • How much Source Energy we “take in” (through breathing and awareness) and then ‘FORCES’ us to “use up” an equal amount, through movement and thinking.

Sometimes the Breathing Security System gets OFF GUARD and Natural Breathing kicks in and we sigh, yawn, laugh, be emotional, exert ourselves and fall asleep.

Taking a look at these times, when the breathing changes by itself, I have found 5 basic characteristics, that when allowed produces profound results.

Effective Natural Breathing INCLUDES ALL these 5 Characteristics at the same time. Normally, when you let go in to Natural Breathing you only do 1 or more of these 5 Breathing Basics, but not all together. When you do all these Characteristics together you’ll RETAIN more Life-force in your body. This will uproot any disabling holding and raise your Success Tolerance on every level.

Unlimited Breath, starts off using the 5 Breathing Basics as a ‘jumpstart’ that leads to naturally manifesting them, like using the starter to get your engine going.



Awareness means to have a sensation or experience of “being”, here and now.

  • Without awareness you don’t experience existing.
  • Sleeping often includes 4 of the 5 Breathing Basics, but because we are missing Awareness, we are not retaining more Source Energy and thus not improving our life or making us a Conscious Creator.



This is a very delicate topic, because when we breathe, inflating and deflating our chest, we open our heart chakra and become ‘vulnerable’ to emotions.

  • Our lungs are what we breathe with, and they are located in our chest. That could be an indication that we are supposed to breathe in to our chest.
  • Technically we can’t even get air in to other parts of our body without first letting the air in through our lungs first.
  • Our rib-cage is built to change size as evidenced by the chest being constructed by ribs and space between the ribs and not like an armored shield, that could protect our most important organs. There are also muscles between our ribs. What purpose do they have? So, it seems that when our lungs inflate and deflate our rib-cage are built to move.
  • When we yawn or sigh, fall asleep, laugh, are emotional or jog, we will notice that our chest is actually expanding and collapsing with the breathing. We cannot really laugh with our belly. We can’t breathe with our belly or diaphragm when we jog and we won’t have an emotion without our chest moving.



  • Filling your lungs fully, provides all the benefits of oxygenating the body and moving in life with much passion, excitement and charisma.
  • Our lungs are the largest organs in our body and we have two of them. They can grant a substantial amount of air influx and expand a lot when we take a deep breath. Why can they do that, if we weren’t supposed to use them fully?
  • Our “normal” breathing quality is set so low that we don’t retain any energy and thus we barely survive on our sub-ventilation.
  • When we yawn, laugh, have an emotion and jog, we are naturally breathing deeper than usual, which is an indication that when we stop controlling our inhale, our Natural Breathing shows us what is its preferred inhale volume capacity.
  • Because of the low breathing set point, to practice Natural Breathing we need to INHALE MORE THAN WE ARE INCLINED TO.
  • We know how much we could inhale by observing how much we inhale during a good yawn.



  • Breathing Continuously means that we Connect our inhale and exhale in a continuous manner, without leaving any gaps in between when we transit from inhale to exhale and from exhale to inhale.
  • Conscious Connected Breathing happens naturally when we fall asleep and when we are jogging.
  • We have mis-learned from movies, etc. that when someone breathes continuously they are distressed and, so we have taken on the mis-belief that there is something wrong with us if we breathe like that and we should avoid such breathing.
  • A PASSIONATE CONTINUOUS RHYTHM happens when we are excited or when we exert ourselves, like when we jog.
  • A GOOD TEMPO happens when we are eager and excited.



  • Surrender means to not use up the Life-force that we breathe in, so that we can retain more Life-force than we usually have. This will open us up to more health, happiness and success.
  • The ways we use up Source Energy are through:
  • Holding or pushing our Exhale.
  • Physically tensing up or moving our body.
  • Mental activity, like worrying about if we are breathing right.


* Caution – Do not do these 5 Breathing Basics on our own without first having been guided personally by an Unlimited Breath practitioner or teacher.