The Unlimited Breath Practitioner Training is a Ten-Day Intensive Training where you learn to practice the Unlimited Breath™ techniques so you can successfully support others to enjoy the benefits of Unlimited Breath. When you practice Unlimited Breath you get the pleasure of witnessing others empowering their lives and attain the health, wealth and fulfillment that they have always wanted. You receive guidance on your personal and professional improvement, and daily Unlimited Breath sessions for your healing. Practice sessions come with real time instructions and discussions on how to use each healing moment most effectively.

In this Unlimited Breath Practitioner Training you will practice “how to”:

  • How to increase your success in your current profession.
  • How to be effective as an Unlimited Breath practitioner.
  • How to inspire others to a purposeful satisfying life.
  • How to support people to make their dreams come true.

To be eligible to participate in the Unlimited Breath Practitioner Training you must have completed a Ten Session series with a man and one with a woman and “Your Six Truths to Empowered Living” workshop.

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