“Thank you so much for working with me during my Unlimited Breath™ 10 sessions series. I looked on the 10 session series as an investment in myself, and thought that if nothing else, it would be an interesting learning opportunity. I was not expecting Unlimited Breath™ to be so powerful. The most powerful insight was my experience of Samadhi during one of my Unlimited Breath™ sessions, experiencing that state has left me with a knowing that the Divine is indeed within each of us. This insight has changed the way I interact with the world on a daily basis. I am less anxious and spend less time worrying. I am much calmer and have a stronger sense of myself. I highly recommend the Unlimited Breath™ 10 session series for anyone who is interested in learning more about, or improving themselves. The immediacy and the power of Unlimited Breath™ have astounded me. I look forward to my next session.” – Tim Hammes