You are now on your way to experiencing Healing, Personal Growth, and Spiritual Awakening using Unlimited Breath™.

To set your first appointment Contact Arne at Unlimited Breath for help in choosing your Unlimited Breath Practitioner by emailing or calling him at (1) (772) 249-1080 int he US or (506) 8311-1221 in Costa Rica.

You can also contact your Unlimited Practitioner directly by phone or email and make the appointment: setting the appointment time, getting their office address, and being aware of their fee structure.

Experience your session, and enjoy your improvement and transformation.

The length of an Unlimited Breath™ session is around 2 hours.

Since the sessions are powerful we suggest that you leave extra time after the session to integrate the change.

Each Unlimited Practitioner chooses their fees. The common fee structure ranges between $100 – $250 per session.

Enjoy your session!