Why does Unlimited Breath require you start with 10 sessions?
Even though you will have an amazing experience with every Natural Breathing session you do, it will not transform your life permanently.

“The Unlimited Breath 10 Session Series” have a cumulative effect.
It is here to give you time enough to identify and uproot your mis-learning and mis-programming (i.e. to achieve your goals of health, ease, and success) and to have time enough to fine-tune your breathing to enable this transformation.

  • Since most of us sub-ventilate most of the time, it can take several sessions to learn the Natural Breathing process correctly.
    Over the Ten Sessions, your practitioner will be able to guide you to FINE-TUNE YOUR BREATHING pattern so you can uproot your sub-conscious material and thus
     access and release deeper and deeper layers of limitations while opening up to more and more of who you really are and what you want to achieve.
  • As you get more familiar with what Natural Breathing will do with you, you will do advanced Natural Breathing sessions in hot water and cold water.
  • The practitioner gets to know and understand you better so they can see patterns that get in your way. These are often not readily apparent in the beginning, and as you work together as a team, you develop a trust and synergy that allows you to discover more.
  • The Breather gets to build up trust in the Unlimited Breath process and the practitioner’s skills and support, so you can surrender more and more and feel safe with your new found powerful Life-Force. 
  • During the 10 Session Series your practitioner will guide you to new ways of thinking and behaviors, so you can become a Conscious Creator.
  • Studies have shown that real, permanent change is accomplished through a process of repetition and reinforcement. Even if limitations and mis-understandings are released or corrected in a single session, there is often habitual behavior accumulated over many years that must be identified and changed. Without addressing these habits and integrating the new learning, you can find yourself recreating old problems.

The Ten Session Series is also the recommended stopping place with your first practitioner. Unlimited Breath is committed to supporting you in your own empowerment. It is not in your best interest to develop a dependency on your practitioner. For this reason it is recommended that you change practitioner after the Ten Session Series. This does not mean that you cannot ever go back to your original practitioner for future support but rather that it is better for you to establish yourself more as your own source.

Once you have completed Ten Session Series with a practitioner it is recommended that you schedule another Ten Session Series with a practitioner of the opposite sex. Unlimited Breath is very effective at discovering and releasing subconscious material built up over a lifetime that inhibits you from achieving your full potential. Often times this material is connected to issues with your mother and father. By working with male and female practitioners we subconsciously tend to activate father issues in the presence of a man and mother issues in the presence of a woman.

After having completed your Ten Session Series with two practitioners, you know the power of Unlimited Breath. You will probably still want to take individual sessions from time to time with any practitioner of your choice to help you uncover and release other blocks that get in your way. It is often times difficult to be objective with ourselves and very hard to see our blind spots without outside support.

Since you will have a first-hand experience of the power of Unlimited Breath, you will naturally choose another Ten Session Series whenever you encounter a challenge on your Life Journey.

What is the frequency of the Ten Sessions?
You can do the Ten Unlimited Breath Sessions as an INTENSIVE, with one session a day for ten days. The Ten Session Intensive are for people who want change now and for those who travel far to their practitioner. When they come back home, they have to do the integration of their new selves in to their previous life by themselves.

We also have clients that are local to the practitioner and that does not have an emergency. For them to take an Unlimited Breath session approximately once a week, lets them integrate their new selves in to their lives, with the continued support of the weekly sessions.

The “approximately once a week” can be modified to sometimes be 4 days and sometimes 10 days or 2 weeks. That works well if it is pre-planned. If something suddenly shows up and needing a change of scheduling, and that happens more than once, it us usually the ego trying to sabotage achieving the results wanted. Being aware of this trick of the ego, usually takes care of it and allows the continued progress.

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