Your 14-Day Intensive Healing Journey PROGRAM

Unlimited Breath Healing Journey Intensive - Costa Rica

Sunday, March 4, 2018, is your travel day to rendezvous with us in Costa Rica. You will fly in to San Jose, Costa Rica, arriving as early in the day as possible.

If you arrive before 2PM (Costa Rica time) we will pick you up as you exit the Airport building and take you for a 5-hour drive through the Costa Rican mountains and countryside, down to Miracle House.

Osa Mountain Village
Miracle House is on “Osa Mountain” which is also hosts a small modern village built in the middle of the JungleYou will share one of the villas, with fellow Healing Journey participants.

18-17A Bedroom



The rooms are
double occupancy.

There is a single supplement option.


You will be served
3 meals per day.

Let us know of any food restriction.

Most days we start our daily workshop at 9 AM,
after our breakfast.

Arne showing whole UBreath class a sessionforweb

Each day is comprised of several workshop sections including: information, exercises and personal sharing.

There are plenty of breaks for leisure, refreshments, lunch and dinner.

We end each day at around 9 PM.

You will receive one Unlimited Breath session every day.

Some days we have scheduled adventures.
Those days our workshop times are scheduled around and throughout these adventures.

On the 5th, we start the 1st Truth – MASTERING CHANGE to learn: Why we change;
Common obstacles to your natural and easy evolution; and What your new life will look like.
You will learn the Basics of Unlimited Breath and have your 1st Unlimited Breath session.

On the 6th, you will discover: How you have been programmed, since birth; How this program has run you until now; and How to re-program your future.
In the evening you will embark on 
your 2nd Unlimited Breath session.

snorkeling Cano islandOn the 7th, we go on our first OUTER ADVENTURE – we will get up early and head out on the Pacific Ocean, to  SNORKEL at the Caño Island Biological Marine Reserve. On the 1.5 hours boat ride we may see whales, dolphins and turtles.
We will continue our boat ride, to the Corcovado National park, walk a beautiful trail to a waterfall and have lunch on the beach.

When we get back, we start the 2nd Truth – CONSCIOUS CREATION, to learn: How your thinking rules your behavior and your results; and How to get in to the Driver’s Seat of your life.

On the 8th, you will learn: Why “the CREATIVE QUESTIONS system” can easily make you a Vibrational Match to what you want, so you can “have it”; The importance of switching Your Personal Doubt for Your Personal Quest; and You will identify Your Mission and Your Goals.
In the evening you will have your 3rd Unlimited Breath exchange session.

Unlimited Breath Healing Journey Intensive - Costa Rica


On the morning of the 9th, we will ride
the Fun and Challenging 18 stations
Osa Mountain Canopy Tour Zip-line.


In the afternoon, we will start the 3rd Truth – NATURAL BREATHING, and through the 10th, we will learn all the ins and outs of how you can use your breathing, as your unfailing tool, to always be able to re-connect with your Optimal Living.

The knowledge that the way your life is showing up is reflected in how you breathe and that by changing how you breathe you can change how your life appears, gives you the ability to easily create the Life-style that you want. 

Since you are getting more experience of Natural Breathing, your 4th and 5th Unlimited Breath sessions will be even more interesting.

On the 11th, and the 12th, we awaken the 4th Truth – CHOOSING AWARENESS.
Once you realize that Awareness is an experience, and the most basic building block to all existence, as opposed to the non-experience of mental activity, you will connect with THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE, and the natural health, happiness and success that comes with it.

Unlimited Breath Healing Journey Intensive - Costa Rica

We will teach you how to do your 6th and 7th Unlimited Breath sessions, breathing under water,
in the warm Pacific Ocean.

You will have this delicious experience at the Whale Tail – Ballena National Park!

On the 13th, we start the 5th Truth – CHANGING HABITS. You will identify your Destructive Habits, such as, Cultural limitations, Struggle, Guilt, Getting Attention and learn how to let go of them. You will also learn to adopt your Supportive Habits, such as, Enjoying Your Natural State, Having a Spiritual Framework, and Self-Esteem.
This day you will also learn how to do a complete the 8th Unlimited Breath session by yourself.

Horseback Riding Janet and Ella

In the morning of 14th, we go Horseback riding through the Costa Rican jungle, including a swim and lunch at a beautiful waterfall.

In the afternoon, we will start the 6th Truth – OPTIMUM LIVING, and learn about How the IDEA (programming) of Time and Death affects our current health and success.

Unlimited Breath Healing Journey Intensive - Costa Rica

On the 15th, and 16th, You will find the ingredients of a meaningful and fulfilled life, and what your “Optimum Living” and “Your Contribution” looks like.

You will finally learn “BODY MASTERY” – How to do cold-water breathing and your advanced 9th and 10th Unlimited Breath session in the Costa Rican “River Grande”.

On the 17th, we will leave early and take you straight to the San Jose airport and your flight back home. Book your flight to leave after 1 PM. (You need to be in the airport 2 hours before flight departure, so we are shooting for being at the airport by 11 AM.)

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So, Who are your teachers and guides?

Jon and Arne

Unlimited Breath Healing Journey Intensive - Costa Rica
Swedish born Arne Rantzen has lead many “Healing Journeys to Costa Rica, Tibet and other exciting destinations” and knows how to inspire you on your amazing adventure towards your Optimum Living.

After numerous certifications and a successful healing practice, Arne founded Unlimited Breath in 1995.

Now you can enjoy his guidance in this Unlimited Breath Healing Intensive in Costa Rica.


Unlimited Breath Healing Journey Intensive - Costa RicaJon Royal started his interest in helping people with 9 years as a counselor and administrator in corrections and substance abuse treatment.

Jon’s drive to do a better job spurred him into more personal introspection and self-discovery, studying numerous healing systems, personal development and spirituality; working with healers and teachers from all over the world.
Jon now practices the healing arts as a Holistic Practitioner and Unlimited Breath Teacher.

Contact us for more information and questions:

Arne Rantzen
USA (772) 249-1080
Costa Rica (506) 8311-1221
Jon Royal
USA (515) 244-8535