Your Six Truths to Empowered Living is a Six-Weekend Workshop Series, also taught as a Ten-Day Intensive (100 workshop hours) in which the principles and techniques of Unlimited Breath™ are shared in depth.

Designed for the participant who wants to achieve deep and lasting change and grow more in consciousness. You’ll learn how to build new, supportive behaviors that replace old hurts and limitations. In each workshop you will participate in four Unlimited Breath sessions and between workshops, you and a classmate will exchange breathing sessions.

Your Six Truths to Empowered Living workshop is for you if:

  • You would like to consciously create different results in your life.
  • You desire to expand your spiritual awareness.
  • You would like to become an Unlimited Breath Practitioner, Producer and/or Teacher.

Here is a brief synopsis of the material covered in each workshops of “Your Six Truths to Empowered Living” workshop.

Your First Truth: Mastering Change
In this workshop you will learn first hand how to do natural breathing and experience the healing power of your breath. You will discover how you have subconsciously approached change in the past and learn how you can consciously choose and create permanent change in the future.

Your Second Truth: Conscious Creation
Learn how your reality is created and how you can master your mind to create the results you want in your life. Using Unlimited Breath™ you will learn how to uncover filters to your perceptions of the world that have limited you without you even knowing it. Learn about Your Personal Doubt and how to correct this powerful self-defeating misunderstanding and proceed on Your Personal Quest.

Your Third Truth: Natural Breathing
“As you breathe, so you live” – Pranayama. The way you breathe is the way that you live your life. By becoming aware and changing the ways in which you limit your breathing, you can directly change your life. Discover how your body’s security system limits your expansion into new territory, and how to override the blocks to a healthier life.

Your Fourth Truth: Choosing Awareness
Emotions are necessary for a healthy, passionate and successful life. You will learn how to open up to your emotional self and experience more. In this workshop you will breathe in warm water and learn how to easily release blocked experiences from your past that inhibit your success today.

Your Fifth Truth: Changing Habits
Your habits run your life. Recognizing habits that don’t give you what you want, and learning how to choose and create new healthier ones, gives you the ability to consciously manifest the results you want and deserve.

Your Sixth Truth: Optimum Living
Discover your potential to experience Optimum Living. This workshop uses breathing in cold water to explore the source of your subconscious self-destructive death urge and how to consciously release it.

Your Six Truths to Empowered Living workshop is a participatory, experiential learning environment. You will listen to insightful and stimulating presentations on a host of topics designed to enhance your happiness and control of your destiny. But the most powerful learning will come from your process of Self-discovery as you experience Unlimited Breath™ sessions. It is difficult to explain and even harder to understand the safe, gentle, yet incredibly powerful benefits of Unlimited Breath; like trying to explain the taste of ice cream to a person who has never tasted sweet or the color blue to a person who has never seen colors. It is truly one of the things you have to experience for yourself.

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